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My name is Hari Prakash Vashishta and I am an expert in Vastu shastra and Vastu Consultant In Delhi. I have more than 30 years of experience in this field and can help you resolve any problems related to your house, factory, office, school, hospital, workshop or apartment etc. With my vastu tips you can easily manage to improve your business success and prosperity by attracting more customers, profits, and popularity.

What are the benefits of consulting vastu experts

Accurate vastu consultancy for all your problems related to home, factory, office, education and health. Accurate vastu advice from Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishta having 30 plus years of experience in vastu shastra. Use it to solve any problems related to home improvement like vastu service for house-building or how to balance income and expenditure while buying a house etc. Know more about vastu services offered by him & book one of his finest consultation packages now!

The process of consultation with a Vastu Consultant

It is said that consultation with a Vastu expert should be taken before starting any work. So, a person who is confused and wants to start his new business should consult with a Vastu Consultants In Gurgaon. The first thing that an experienced vastu specialist does for their clients is making them aware of how vastu influence them and how it can affect their life. Then they provide some guidelines which are very helpful in daily life. It also clears their confusion about many things like- will my project or job gets success or not? Will I get wealth or health problems? Are we moving into our dream home or not? etc., After going through all these steps, finally he gives out some tips which may change your luck for betterment!

Welcome Good Luck in your Life with Best Vastu Consultants in Noida

Most of us may have heard about vastu shastra at least once, but some know about it as a science which is based on Vedas and scriptures. For those who don’t know, vastu is a system of architecture which involves many things related to constructions like sizes and shapes of rooms, floors and building structures. The main aim of Vastu Shastra is to bring prosperity, peace and good luck into lives. All these are achieved by doing certain tasks while constructing a house or office. It comprises principles related to elements such as air, water, space etc. Thus there are many principles attached with it which makes it a very systematic subject with different rules which are required to be followed by any individual who wants good luck in life.

Our Team Leaders

Our Team Leaders

Dr Hari Prakash Vashishta

Owner of Koncept Vastu that is the best Vastu Consultansts in Delhi

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